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May: Healing My Palate


  • Cleaning our pantry 

  • Creating good healthy food habits.

  • A healthy Spiritual Palette.

  • Walking or doing exercises for a healthy attitude.


Verse to memorize this month


Pro 31:14- 17

She is like ships that trade. She brings her food from far away. 15 She rises while it is still night and makes food for all those in her house. She gives work for the young women to do. 16 She gives careful thought to a field and buys it. She plants grape-vines from what she has earned. 17 She makes herself ready with strength and makes her arms strong.


Nothing can surpass the quality of spiritual nourishment that we receive when we seek its word. The physical, as well as the spiritual food, must be pleasant and its purpose is to nourish.


The challenge of these weeks includes awareness of the things we have in our pantry. Eliminate or reduce things that may be affecting our health and gradually also include things that will greatly benefit our health.


With so much different information about nutrition telling us a number of things, it could sometimes be overwhelming to really understand what is best for us. 


But in all, there is a common denominator that cannot be ignored when we decide to make changes not only to lose weight but for our own health benefit and our loved ones.



Let's look at what the word of God says about our food.

Week 8
Cleaning our Pantry 

Week 9
Creating Good healthy Food Habits

Week 10
 Time alone with God,
A healthy spiritual Palate

Week 11
Walking, doing exercise for a healthy attitude.

Week 12
From the Pastors desk; Milton Mendez

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